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Double tag
Chocolate + 3

Craft Roulette Episode 100, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on February 18, 2022, featured special guest Alicia, also known as Crafty Al. The project parameter for this episode was a double tag, where the crafters had to create something using two tags. The color parameter was chocolate plus three, meaning they had to incorporate a color scheme based on chocolate with three additional colors.

For the element parameter, the crafters had to include affection in their projects. This could be interpreted in various ways, such as using heart shapes or showcasing love and warmth. Lastly, the random parameter for this episode was vellum, a translucent material that added an interesting texture and dimension to the crafts. Overall, the episode showcased the creativity and improvisation of the crafters as they worked with these random parameters to create unique and beautiful projects.