In Revue

Our Mail Call, Card Showcase, & Whodunit Game

In Revue: The Show is the weekly follow-up to the main Craft Roulette episodes. In Revue airs almost every Tuesday Night (central US) on our main YouTube Channel.

In Revue consists of 3 smaller acts. Details for each section are below!

Act 1: Mail Call

We share some of the lovely snail mail we receive from our community. To send us mail, check out our contact page for details.

Act 2: Card Showcase

We dive deep into few of our contributions from the prior episode and discuss what we LOVE about them. The cards are selected randomly via software and we look at as many as time permits.

Act 3: Whodunit Game

Each week, Mary selects a card from the prior episode to case and remix on the air. It's up to the chatterbox to try and figure out WHOS card Mary is recreating! Rules below:

Object of the game:

  • Be the first to correctly name in the comments the contributor whose card I am loosely recreating (or CASing)


  • The inspiration card has been chosen from the prior episode.
  • My project isn't exactly like the inspiration piece. I will use artistic liberty.
  • I will be pulling some of the ideas & will make a card using those ideas.

To Play The Game

  • You must be here live on the LIVE broadcast, in the chat room and not the comments.
  • In another browser or tab, open the current episode gallery in
  • TO DECLARE your choice, type @CraftRoulette, followed by the name of the crafter or craftette you believe inspired my card
    • Use the spelling of their name as it is in the gallery (not personal nicknames)
    • Location is helpful
  • Be the first to declare the crafter or craftette who inspired my piece correctly in the LIVE CHAT and you'll be the winner.
  • Our winner will win our OG - original giveaway - a handmade card with an itty bitty gift.

See you at the next In Revue!