Glossary & Concepts

The details and terms that are used in the show.

Welcome to the Glossary and Concepts section. We've tried to cover most of the major concepts and recurring themes from the show and community.

Contributions & Showcase

Everyone is welcome to participate in Craft Roulette. Contributions are submitted through this site on the submit page. See the Submission Windows section for more information.

Each week, for the first 20 minutes of our live-stream, we showcase our contributors cards from the previous show. Cards are also shared in “The Gallery” tab on each episode’s blog post which is released the Monday after the show.

Each contribution crafter’s name will be automatically added to the Giveaway “CardBoard” which is spun at the end of each episode. See more details under “Give Aways”.

Submission Windows

Our challenge has a pretty quick turn around with a submission window that only lasts the weekend. We offer an extended submission window for active members of our Patreon page.

Below is an overview of the submission windows in your timezone.

Public Submission Window

opens Friday @ 11:30pm UTC
closes Monday @ 4:59am UTC

Members Extended Window

opens Monday @ 5:00am UTC
closes Friday @ 5:00am UTC
Timezones are automatically calculated based on your device settings.

Lexicon of Craft Roulette Terms

  • "1.65%" - respectful reference to our male viewers who in analytics are a very low percentage
  • "FUNNettes", "Craftettes" - female viewers
  • "Craft Police" - the law enforcement branch of Craft Roulette. He (Mr. Producer) determines parameter interpretation boundaries and rules of the game.
  • "MESK!" - a hybrid word for "messy desk"
  • "Mr. Mike" - our microphone
  • "Mr. Producer" - Stephen - the mystery man behind the scenes.
  • "Skewt" - a hybrid word for "so cute" or "super cute"
  • "Spoon-a-phones" - the "microphones" Mary uses to introduce the show
  • "Stretchy pants" - a highly suggested wardrobe or uniform choice to wear during the shows to allow for "stretching your creative muscle"
  • "Glitter Fairy" - someone who spreads joy through nice and thoughtful comments in our Facebook Group.


Each week our FUNN Supporters, Club FUNN members, and Mentorship level Members get the opportunity to veto one color parameter, one element parameter, and one random parameter from a selected list.

The Guest Crafter is also invited to veto or forfeit their right to veto before the parameters are chosen.

A vetoed parameter means the wheel can not make us use that parameter. Contributors may still use it if it fits within the realm of the chosen parameter.

For example, if a purple background is vetoed and a yellow background is chosen, the crafter could not use a purple background instead since the wheel directed us to use yellow. We encourage our participants to give a brief explanation of justification if needed on the form.


Craft Roulette is designed to encourage your creativity with the random spins of “Mr. Wheel”. Contributors are encouraged to interpret the parameters as they are inspired. Parameters can be interpreted literally, figuratively, and/or creatively.

All four of the parameters per episode must be included to qualify as a contribution.

There are many examples of contributions on the Gallery section of each Episode archive page.

Parameters are routinely and frequently updated.

PROJECT Parameter

Projects are often, but are not limited to a type of card or fold. Usually, Mary explains and demonstrates the standard interpretation of the project prior to the crafting time.

COLORS Parameter

Color combinations such as "Blue, Green + 1" mean your project is to limit your color usage to blues and greens; the "+1" means you should add one other color of your choice.

Neutrals (black, gray, white, cream, tan, brown, and metallics) are free regardless of the color parameters.

ELEMENT Parameter

The Element parameter often suggests a theme or overall concept that needs to be included in the project.

RANDOM Parameter

The Random parameter is just that - a random parameter which must be included in a qualifying contribution.

FUNN University

FUNN University is our sister YouTube channel where Mary teaches about the parameter(s) we had on the previous episode. The lesson focus may be on projects, color, elements, or random parameters. They usually include a how-to project, extra samples, and tips.

We are live on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. CT on

Mail Call

You are welcome to send us mail to PO Box 480566, KCMO 64148.

We love to share the cards we receive in the mail. Mail will be shown live on FUNN University and some will be displayed on our door. If you leave blank, we'll donate them to a retirement/assisted living facility down the street.

#TEAM Colors

In the fall of 2020, the wheel chose orange for several episodes (3 out of 15 shows) as color parameter. There were some gentle, now comical, complaints about getting too many orange parameters.

It turned out there are orange lovers and not-so-much orange lovers in our group.

It also was discovered that many who were in the not-so-much orange camp tended to be strongly passionate about purple. Thus, #teamorange and #teampurple were born.

Many other “teams” have surfaced as well. There is #teamteal, #teamyellow, and even #teamainbow. But, #teamorange and #teampurple remain our core teams and our two “political factions”.


All contributors are automatically entered onto our giveaway “CardBoard”. The CardBoard is programmed to select a winner randomly. The name of the winner automatically is highlighted to avoid any “close calls”.

Generally, our giveaways are limited to US and/or Canadian contributors due to the expense of postage. When we have an international gift, we announce it.

Winners have until Sunday night at midnight CT to contact Mary, claim your prize, and send your email or snail mail address. Using the contact form on the Craft Roulette website is the best method to claim your prize.

Family Friendly Show & Community Standards

We are a positive and encouraging community and have a zero tolorance policy for any kind of negativity or conflict. We love when our community members take an active role in encouraging others to create and share their artwork with us. We celebrate these "Glitter fairies" and are thankful for them. There is always something good in every contribution we receive.

We keep our shows and community family friendly. We reserve the right to reject any contribution or delete any comments we deem inappropriate.

Thank you for understanding and participation!