How To Participate

There are many ways to participate in our community.

Watch The Live Show

The most obvious way to participate is to watch the show live on our YouTube channel. You can join us in the chat room during the live show or leave a comment if you are watching the replay.

Visit our YouTube Channel

Submit a Contribution

We invite everyone to participate in our weekly challenge by submitting a contribution. Here's how:

  • Watch the next live broadcast of Craft Roulette
  • Find out the selected parameters
  • Create a project using the selected parameters
  • Submit a project on this site before the submission window closes.
  • Post your contribution to our Facebook Group

Join Our Facebook Group

There is a very active Craft Roulette Facebook Group that we would love for you to join. Please just answer the questions and agree to the rules to be automatically approved. Our group is filled with inspiration and encouragement!

Follow Mary's Socials

Mary posts a lot about Craft Roulette to her various social accounts. Follow her here:

Join our Patreon

We are a community sponsored show and rely on your support to keep our show going. If you would like to pledge monthly support, check out our Patreon page for complete information. For just a $5/month pledge you will unlock all the bonus features on this site, including:

  • Late submission window (open through Thursday at Midnight)
  • Contribution Explorer
  • Parameter Vault
  • More bonus features coming soon!

Wear our Merch!

We have a merch store selling all sorts of original designs.