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Dutch door
Red + 2

Craft Roulette Episode 106, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on April 1, 2022, featured special guest Bitty Penny. The project parameter for this episode was a Dutch door design, where the project is divided into two sections that open independently. The color parameter was red plus 2, allowing for variations of red shades to be incorporated into the crafts. The element parameter was birds, encouraging the use of bird-themed elements in the projects. Lastly, the random parameter was splatters, adding a fun and unpredictable element to the crafting process.

Each week, Craft Roulette brings together crafters who create unique and improvised projects based on four random parameters selected by spinning a wheel. This episode showcased the creativity and versatility of the participants as they embraced the challenge of incorporating a Dutch door design, red plus 2 colors, bird elements, and splatters into their crafts. The result was a diverse range of projects that showcased the ingenuity and talent of the crafters.