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Hand Drawn

About The Episode

Craft Roulette - getting more FUNN every week!

This week had our own announcer - just like all the game shows, and how did you like me walking in? :o)
And how do you like the new site? So much is going on! Be sure to like and subscribe to all of my places on the web! You never know what spark of creative inspiration will come from my "MESK!" or the mesks of my FUNN friends.

This week's "Wheel Deals" (thanks, Kim) were a little scary at first, but creativity wins in the end! What would you do if you were told to make a project with this week's guidelines?

Well, the submissions were so FUNN and diverse! Goodness! Scroll down to have your mind blown at the creativity, and please grab a friend and join us this Friday for the next spins of destiny! Craft Roulette, the paper crafting game show - a surprise every week!