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Card with 2 folds
Flowering field
Off center

Craft Roulette Episode 112, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on May 13, 2022, featured special guest Julie Carriere. The challenge for this episode was to create a card with 2 folds, using the color parameter "Flowering field" and incorporating the element of bowl(s). To add an extra twist, the projects had to be designed in an off-center manner.

As always, Craft Roulette delivered an exciting and unpredictable crafting experience, with Mary and Julie showcasing their creativity and resourcefulness. Despite the challenging parameters, both hosts managed to create stunning cards with unique folds, incorporating beautiful floral designs inspired by the "Flowering field" color. The addition of bowls added an interesting element to the projects, and the off-center design added a touch of asymmetry and visual interest. Overall, it was another fun and inspiring episode of Craft Roulette!