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Craft Roulette Episode 113, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on May 20, 2022, featured special guest Carrie Rhoades. The project parameter for this episode was Artist's Choice, allowing the crafters to showcase their creativity and personal style. The color parameter allowed them to choose any two colors to work with, giving them the freedom to create unique and vibrant designs. The element parameter for this episode was flowers, inspiring the crafters to incorporate floral motifs into their projects. Lastly, the random parameter was wood, challenging the crafters to find innovative ways to incorporate this natural material into their creations.

Throughout the episode, Mary and Carrie spun the wheel to determine their project parameters and then embarked on their crafting journey. With Artist's Choice as the project parameter, they were able to explore their own artistic preferences and experiment with different techniques. The freedom to choose any two colors allowed for a wide range of color combinations, adding depth and visual interest to their projects. Incorporating flowers as the element parameter brought a touch of nature and beauty to their creations. Lastly, the random parameter of wood added a unique and unexpected element to their projects, challenging them to think outside the box and find creative ways to incorporate this material into their designs.