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Matchbook card
Daisy Garden
Heat embossing
Use Eyelets

Craft Roulette Episode 12, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on May 29, 2020, featured an exciting challenge of creating a matchbook card. The color parameter for this episode was Daisy Garden, inspiring participants to incorporate vibrant and cheerful colors into their projects. The element parameter was heat embossing, adding a touch of elegance and texture to the crafts. To make things even more interesting, the random parameter was to use eyelets, encouraging crafters to explore different ways of incorporating these versatile embellishments into their designs.

Throughout the episode, participants showcased their creativity and resourcefulness as they embraced the challenge of combining matchbook cards, the Daisy Garden color scheme, heat embossing, and eyelets. The result was a diverse range of unique and visually stunning projects, each reflecting the individual style and ingenuity of the crafters. Craft Roulette continues to be a fun and inspiring platform for spontaneous crafting, pushing participants to think outside the box and create beautiful works of art.