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Matchbook card
Daisy Garden
Heat embossing
Use Eyelets

About The Episode

We hit our even dozen number of episodes, which is both FUNN and, wow, they went really fast!

So glad to have as many FUNN friends join us as we had. Having you nice gals in the "audience" is like an evening with friends. I love how you chat about where you live, give suggestions, get excited about ideas, and just enjoy Craft Roulette. We are thrilled to see so many return each week! Anna, from Alberta, Canada, has even changed her work schedule to watch and play along with us live!

The wheel's deals were really FUNN this week! A matchbook card is always a little jazzy way to send a something a little special (like $20.00 bills), I love my daisy flower beds, heat embossing never gets old for me, and eyelets, what a hoot!

Kirwin (our kitty in the show) is doing super great, by the way. He is back to eating like a horse, watching the birds on C.A.T.T. TV (his favorite channel), and being my little spoon. He is also going to be the subject of my first FUNN University Scrapbook Lab layout this month. So, how many pictures did I have on my camera of his first month with us? 103, but I had trashed a lot of bad ones! He sends his love and sends fishy smelling kisses.

Thank you so much for all these great submissions - so many cute ideas! Enjoy all these unique ideas! Isn't it FUNN to Craft Roulette?