Episode 13

June 5, 2020


Folder card


baby colors


Bird Houses


Sanding Block

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Episode archive posted on June 8, 2020

Unlucky Episode 13? Hardly! I loved the wheel’s spins this week.
It didn’t bother Sue, I’m sure, because she always chooses the number 13 for her Give-Away number!

Have you watched a Craft Roulette show, yet? Well, there are several ways you can view the shows:

One thing that comes up on the show, is, “What if I don’t have…”, and that is a great question. Craft Roulette (along with all the sites I run such as FUNNUniversity.com) do not focus on a product line or sales, we are all about nudging you to a creative project. We are all about promoting ideas, not products, so if you can substitute something similar, for example:

  • folder card? anything to do with a “folder” element including using an old office folder for a card base, a tab, a label, a surprise folder element inside (like my live card)
  • baby colors? these days anything goes for baby colors! pastels, grays & blues or pinks, bold colors with black geometric designs
  • no birdhouse stamp? it is totally fine to draw, cut one by hand or die cut
  • sanding block? nail files, sand paper, anything that will “rough up” the paper you used somewhere on your project
  • more outside ideas could have included something other than a card! You could make a shabby chic wooden bird house, a mini album, a wreath with a small birdhouse element, and much more!

Isn’t it FUNN to have creative prompts? I love seeing all the ideas my FUNN friends submit – they show personality and inspiration for me! Thank you, Christy, Arielle, Sue, Patty, Jan, and Anna! You guys are so FUNN.
It has been a long time since I submitted to another challenge, but I’m submitting the bright gold tag to the current Heart 2 Heart tag challenge. I always like that challenge.

BTW, have you seen our Craft Roulette ad? We’d really appreciate you sharing it! Thank you!

FUNN University is all about supporting our students along their creative journey using the supplies they have and love. As always, we give you a month free to see if now is a good time for you to let yourself enjoy your crafty creative self. We’d love to have you enroll.

Have a great week and see you on campus or next week on Craft Roulette!

Mary Gunn FUNN


Guest Contributors

Christy Dillman
Arielle Stephenson
Sue Masoner
Patty Beck
Jan Palmer
Anna Miller
Alberta, Canada
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