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Peek-a-Boo card
Rose garden
Tie Dye

About The Episode

Things are starting to get hot outside and on Friday evenings (or anytime on replay) with my paper crafting game show Craft Roulette!

Truly, just a FUNN time to get together, chat, exchange creative ideas, and watch me either sweat the spins, be thrilled by the spins, or somewhere in between! This week was a bit of a sweat for a few minutes, and the combination seemed truly absurd, but once I started moving forward and being cheered on, it all came together! I love the FUNN process of creating!
You can see the process below in the video.
One thing to note, I get the basic design completed during the show, but creating is a process, and new ways to add finishing touches to strengthen design elements usually come to me the next day. That is why the project you see on Friday is often not as refined as the one you see on the Monday blog. I think this is an important thing for makers to remember about their creative process, too.