Episode 14

June 12, 2020


Peek-a-Boo card


Rose garden




Tie Dye

About The Episode

Episode archive posted on June 15, 2020

Things are starting to get hot outside and on Friday evenings (or anytime on replay) with my paper crafting game show Craft Roulette!

Truly, just a FUNN time to get together, chat, exchange creative ideas, and watch me either sweat the spins, be thrilled by the spins, or somewhere in between! This week was a bit of a sweat for a few minutes, and the combination seemed truly absurd, but once I started moving forward and being cheered on, it all came together! I love the FUNN process of creating!
You can see the process below in the video.
One thing to note, I get the basic design completed during the show, but creating is a process, and new ways to add finishing touches to strengthen design elements usually come to me the next day. That is why the project you see on Friday is often not as refined as the one you see on the Monday blog. I think this is an important thing for makers to remember about their creative process, too.

Give yourself a break, and enjoy your craft time (one of my core concepts for FUNN University).

What is Craft Roulette? CLICK HERE for a quick overview.
One really FUNN thing that is going on is our viewers submissions using the same parameters – only they have 48 hours!

THIS WEEK on FUNN University

This is my last really busy FUNN University week of the month on campus with the third Study Hall (tonight), Scrapbook Lab (Tuesday), and Cards+ Lab. When we were developing FUNN University, we opted for three consecutive weeks for our 2 main creative classes – scrap booking and card making. Why?
1. It helps the students not feel overwhelmed.
If our students aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.  There are lots of overwhelming things in life and we do not want to be one of them.
2. It helps keep classes fresh.
I know I am antsy to get “back on campus” after a little break from the routine, and I am seeing that in our students, too.
3. It gives me planning time.
Each month we offer over 8 hours of planned jam-packed content in our live classes, and I appreciate having some time to prepare each lesson during this week.
4. But really, the campus stays open 24/7.
With an ever growing Lesson Library of Scrapbook Labs, Cards+ Labs, and Crop Labs; the Student Lounge; Foundations Interactive Guides; and the optional Homework activities available, campus never shuts down! How FUNN is that?

Alrighty, thank you for the many cute submissions! Please share this blog post with your friends, and join us next Friday evening at 6:30 Central on marygunnFUNN FB page to hear me brag about you! Have a great week if I don’t see you on campus. THANK YOU! Enjoy.

Mary Gunn FUNN

Guest Contributors

6th Week, FUNN U. student
Sue Masoner 1
Sue Masoner 2
Sue Masoner 3
10th WEEK IN A ROW, FUNN U. student
Patty Beck 1
Patty Beck 2
9th submission!
Melodee Luyk
1st submission
Judy Graczyk
2nd submission
Jan Palmer 1
Jan Palmer 2
2nd submission / FUNN U. student
Christy Dillman
3rd submission
Arielle Stephenson
5th submission
Anna Miller 1
Alberta, Canada
Anna Miller 2
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