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Gray background + 3
Bunny or bunnies

In episode 147 of Craft Roulette, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN, the special guest Desiree Kuemmerle joined in for a fun crafting session. The project parameter for this episode was to create a bookmark, while incorporating a gray background and using three different colors. The element parameter was to include a bunny or bunnies in the design. To add an extra twist, the random parameter for this episode was "swag".

With these parameters in mind, Mary and Desiree embarked on their creative journey, spinning the wheel to determine their specific requirements for the project. Throughout the episode, they showcased their improvisational crafting skills, sharing tips and techniques to create unique and personalized bookmarks. The combination of the gray background, three colors, bunnies, and the added challenge of incorporating swag made for an exciting and inspiring episode of Craft Roulette.

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