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3 pops of red
Far Away
Vellum or tissue paper

Craft Roulette Episode 149, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on February 3, 2023, featured special guest Sejr Andersen. The crafting challenge for this episode was to create a collage using 3 pops of red as the color parameter and incorporating the theme of "Far Away" as the element parameter. Additionally, the random parameter allowed the use of either vellum or tissue paper in the project.

As the wheel spun, participants had to think on their feet and come up with unique and creative ways to combine these parameters into their collages. The episode showcased the improvisational nature of crafting, as each participant brought their own style and interpretation to the challenge. From cutting and layering vellum or tissue paper to incorporating pops of red in various ways, the collages created during this episode were diverse and visually captivating.

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