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Shaped Card
Yellow, Green, Blue
Super Hero(es)
Fancy circle(s)

Craft Roulette Episode 154, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on March 10, 2023, featured special guest Alicia, also known as Crafty Al. The crafting challenge for this episode was to create a shaped card using the colors yellow, green, and blue. The element parameter added an exciting twist, requiring the incorporation of super hero(es) into the project. To add an extra level of creativity, the random parameter introduced fancy circle(s) as a design element.

Throughout the episode, Mary, Alicia, and the viewers embraced the challenge and showcased their crafting skills by creating unique shaped cards. The combination of the colors yellow, green, and blue, along with the incorporation of super hero(es) and fancy circle(s), resulted in a variety of imaginative and visually appealing projects. Craft Roulette continues to inspire and entertain crafters with its spontaneous and creative approach to crafting.