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Easel card
Rhymes with "-ake"

Craft Roulette Episode 157, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on March 31, 2023, featured special guest Sandy Le Doux. The crafting challenge for this episode was to create an easel card using the color parameter "Cornucopia." Additionally, the participants had to incorporate an element that rhymes with "-ake" and the random parameter of gold.

Throughout the episode, Mary and Sandy showcased their creativity as they improvised their projects based on these parameters. The resulting easel cards were unique and visually stunning, with the color "Cornucopia" adding a vibrant touch. The element that rhymes with "-ake" brought an unexpected twist to the designs, while the use of gold added a touch of elegance and sophistication. Overall, Craft Roulette Episode 157 was a fun and inspiring episode filled with creative crafting ideas.