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Thank you card
Farmers' Market
Rhymes with "bee"

On episode 167 of Craft Roulette, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN, the special guest Laura Bassen joined in for a fun and creative crafting session. The challenge for this episode was to create a thank you card using the color theme "Farmers' Market" and incorporating an element that rhymes with "bee". To add an extra twist, the random parameter for this episode was punctuation.

With these parameters in mind, Mary and Laura showcased their creativity and resourcefulness as they crafted unique and personalized thank you cards. The Farmers' Market color palette inspired vibrant and earthy tones, while the element that rhymes with "bee" brought in a touch of whimsy. The addition of the random parameter, punctuation, allowed for interesting design choices and added a playful element to the cards. Overall, it was an exciting and inspiring episode filled with innovative crafting ideas.

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