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Kid's Card
Citrus orchard
Spring scene
Metallic or Foil

Craft Roulette Episode 168, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN and featuring special guest Maymay Helms, was a fun-filled episode of live, improvised crafting. The project parameter for this episode was a Kid's Card, challenging the crafters to create a card suitable for children. The color parameter was Citrus Orchard, inspiring vibrant and refreshing color choices. The element parameter was a Spring scene, encouraging the crafters to incorporate elements of nature and new beginnings into their designs. To add an extra touch of shine, the random parameter for this episode was Metallic or Foil, allowing the crafters to incorporate metallic accents or foil details into their projects.

With these parameters in mind, Mary and Maymay spun the wheel and embarked on their creative journey, showcasing their skills and sharing their tips and tricks along the way. The episode was filled with laughter, creativity, and inspiration as the crafters embraced the challenge and created unique Kid's Cards with a Citrus Orchard color palette, featuring a Spring scene and incorporating metallic or foil elements. Viewers were treated to a delightful display of imagination and craftsmanship, proving that with a little bit of randomness and a lot of creativity, anything is possible in the world of crafting.

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