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Stars and Stripes
White & Blue

About The Episode

Thanks for all these great submissions, FUNN friends!

When Friday afternoon came, I realized I'd been burning my Roman Candle at both ends which is never a good idea. I'd been getting to serve my 16-year-old bff dog quite intensely until his passing on Sunday. Then, I'd been getting to know a 3-year-old "puppy" who was as sweet as he was uneducated! Suffice it to say, not hosting Episode 17 was one of my best decisions of 2020.

But, we couldn't just not craft!

So I opted to choose the parameters, which worked just fine! The colors were Red, White, & Blue, but it looks like that is too long for our title to accept! Our faithful guest contributors rallied and sent in some darling projects! We even have a new FUNN friend from Canada with an admittedly American feel - total hat tip to our friends to the North!

Extra winners were drawn for Episode 16! Both Judy G. and Patty B. will be getting a thank you card.
Anna M. and Jacque R. will both be getting a thank you in the mail for being guest contributors for Episode 17! Thank you!

While the "show" didn't go on, the crafting did! We have the best crafty tribe! Thank you, see you Friday for Episode 18, and have a great week!