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Z-fold Card
Any Colors
Something from my MESK!

Craft Roulette Episode 172, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on July 14, 2023, featured special guest Leslie Benson. The crafting challenge for this episode was to create a Z-fold card using any colors. The participants were also required to incorporate an old element into their projects. To add an extra twist, they had to include something from a MESK (messy desk)!

During the episode, the participants showcased their creativity and improvisation skills as they worked with the given parameters. The Z-fold card design allowed for unique and interactive card creations, while the freedom to choose any colors added a vibrant touch to the projects. Incorporating old elements brought a nostalgic and sentimental aspect to the crafts, and the inclusion of items from Mary's MESK added an unexpected element of surprise. Overall, Craft Roulette Episode 172 was a fun and inspiring episode filled with innovative crafting ideas.

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