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4.25” square
Craft Roulette
Bottom Border

Craft Roulette Episode 175, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on August 4, 2023, featured special guest Lydia Fiedler. The challenge for this episode was to create a project using a 4.25" square as the base. The color parameter was "Craft Roulette," meaning the participants had to incorporate the colors associated with the Craft Roulette brand. The element parameter was "Night," allowing the crafters to interpret and include elements related to nighttime. Lastly, the random parameter was "Bottom Border," which required the crafters to include a bottom border in their projects.

Throughout the episode, Mary and Lydia showcased their creativity and improvisation skills as they crafted unique projects within the given parameters. The Craft Roulette format added an element of surprise and challenge, pushing the crafters to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas. Viewers were treated to a variety of projects, each showcasing different techniques and styles, all centered around the 4.25" square base and incorporating the Craft Roulette colors, elements related to night, and a bottom border.

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