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About The Episode

Episode 18 - another FUNN night at the wheel! There are some super cute ideas for you to enjoy below! It is so FUNN to have Patty who submitted her 14th project in a row (14 out of 18, wow), Terri with her first submission, and everyone in between! There is a great selection to be inspired by. Thank you, contributors.

Due to lack of hard drive space, the video shuts off a little early. Oh, dear. Oh, well. It's always something.

I think these little bag cards would be a perfect way to give a sweet treat along with a gift card or maybe with a "Cracker Jack prize" in it? Candy in a small plastic bag would be really FUNN. There are so many fruit based candies you could use like Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy (thanks, Marie), lemon drops, Runts, gum drops, jellybeans, and gummy fruits, just to name a few.
These could be little gifts for co-workers (hump day pick-ups), teachers, neighbor kids, and more. If the candy is still in a manufactured package, you might feel more comfortable handing them out to more people on the "edge" of your social circle.  These would be a cute gift card for a mailed present, too. If you are mailing candy, remember to mail candy that won't melt, and that includes M&Ms!

Of course, "small bag" has many interpretations, as you can see. There is a lot of cleverness going on in your heads, and I love seeing that.

Thank you to the FUNN friends who join us each week (or nearly each week) on Craft Roulette! I feel like I'm getting to know a lot more crafters and it is so FUNN to have you become part of our FUNN friends clan. I know you have to wait to see all the cute ideas until Monday now, but I think there is a bit more FUNN to the waiting and then more of a reveal! Of course, I get to see everything first - tee hee.

Going to be FUNN to share your projects here and on Friday's Craft Roulette Episode #19 on Friday.  The show is already scheduled on my FB page, so please click "share" with your crafty friends! I think if you click "going" or something, you'll be notified shortly before the show.

Can't wait until Friday for more FUNN. In the meantime, you are always welcome at FUNN University. This is going to be a FUNN week, too, with Study Hall on Monday, Scrapbook Lab on Tuesday, Founders' Dinner on Wednesday, and Cards+ Lab on Thursday!

See you around the craft table soon.