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July 17, 2020


Small box







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Episode archive posted on July 18, 2020

Starting off with a BIG thank you to the FUNN friends who visit me at my MESK! week after week for this ultimate paper crafting game show called Craft Roulette. It’s like getting together with friends and having some play time. Not just that, thank you for all your kind words and encouragement during and after the shows, too! Paper crafters are so nice.

This week was rough, not because of the wheel’s deals, but because of the internet. It happens. Kirwin Kitty wants to thank you for watching him, too.  Be sure to click on Episode #18 to see the great submissions, too! This wheel stuff is really inspiring crafters!

Last week we made “small bags” and this week we made a “small box”. This is a simple, 3″, go-to small box pattern called a pizza box. It has been a favorite pattern of mine for years. When I first learned its secrets, I realized 3-D paper items don’t always have to be overly complicated (ahem, origami), tremendously precise (ahem, origami), or time consuming (ahem, well, when I do origami, it takes forever).

This little box can become just about anything from a lovely box with an elegant flare, a picnic casual box, to a FUNNy monster! I think you’ll enjoy all the different takes from our guest contributors, too. So many cute ideas from such nice people. Don’t be shy, plan on playing along with us next Friday, and bring a friend!
You’ll find us on Friday at 6:30 Central on mary gunn FUNN’s FB page.

I’m adding this to the Heart 2 Heart “Favorite Tool” challenge. My tools are usually simple. I’ve collected supplies for over 20 years, and no longer have to have the greatest and latest! Heck, I don’t know where I’d put it anyway. So, my favorite MESK! (my hybrid word for a “messy desk”) tools used for this project include quality papers, a good bone folder (I have trouble keeping these on my MESK!), effective adhesives, sharp scissors, great stamps and inks, and an accurate trimmer. Creatively, I love the parameters of the Craft Roulette lists. Good idea, for a thoughtful challenge, H2H.
Take your pick because they are all important!

Also, I came across a challenge blog called “The Flower Challenge” I am adding this post to. I know most stampers have a lot of floral stamps, and I thought you might like getting some ideas from other flower loving stampers. The current #46 challenge is a Summer/Winter theme. My red, white, and blue poppy box is pretty summery, to me. Change out the blue leaves for a pretty green, and it would change to winter without batting an eyelash. Check out their IG and FB pages, too. Welcome to Craft Roulette, Flower Challenge friends!

Craft Roulette is a creative launching point to get your weekend started right! If you get tricks here that you enjoy from the the ideas and projects, please join us for your free month on the campus of FUNN University. We really bat around ideas and tricks there – many, many times a month, plus there is a Library full of past classes for you to enjoy. One unique feature of FUNN U. is we are not affiliated with any companies, so we have no sales agenda. If you like “my style” on Craft Roulette, chances are high you’ll love FUNN U.

THANK YOU, guest contributors! Don’t you love all the interpretations? You guys are so FUNN.

Have a wonderful week, we’ll see many of you on campus, or next Friday for Episode #20 where we will see if this 3-D trend continue? ! FUNN!

Mary Gunn FUNN


Guest Contributors

A treat box for the teacher. Several gift cards will fit inside, or chocolate. The apples have been polished to a shine with clear shimmer. 15th SUBMISSION IN A ROW!
Patty Beck
I do treat boxes and bags for our quilt retreats, so I needed to get outside of my comfort zone. I love this box, hope you do also!
Judy Graczyk
Jacque Rippe
I was working on my adorable box but was getting stumped by the leaves...I decided to romaine calm
Jacque Rippe 2
Anna Miller
Alberta, Canada
Lee Kendel
Alberta, Canada
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