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Card with 2 Tags
Happy Colors
Outside the line

Craft Roulette episode 197 aired on January 12, 2024, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN. The special guest for this episode was Wendy Cranford. The project parameter for this episode was to create a card with 2 tags, using happy colors as the color parameter. The element parameter was to incorporate nail(s) into the project, and the random parameter was to craft outside the line.

During the episode, Mary and Wendy embraced the challenge of creating unique and colorful cards with tags, incorporating nails into their designs. They explored various techniques and ideas to craft outside the line, resulting in creative and inspiring projects. The episode showcased the fun and spontaneous nature of Craft Roulette, where crafting enthusiasts can enjoy watching live, improvised crafting based on random parameters selected by spinning a wheel.

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