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6"x6" Mini Album
Forest Colors
Random Item from Cart

Craft Roulette Episode 2, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on March 20, 2020, featured an exciting challenge of creating a 6"x6" Mini Album. The color parameter for this episode was Forest Colors, inspiring the crafters to incorporate shades of green, brown, and earthy tones into their projects. The element parameter was Masking, encouraging the use of this technique to create interesting effects and designs. To add an extra twist, the crafters had to include a Random Item from their cart, adding an element of surprise and creativity to their projects.

Throughout the episode, the crafters showcased their improvisation skills as they spun the wheel and embraced the challenge of creating a unique 6"x6" Mini Album. With Forest Colors as the color parameter, they explored various shades of green and brown to bring a natural and earthy feel to their projects. The element of Masking allowed them to experiment with different techniques and create stunning designs. Adding a Random Item from their cart added an element of surprise and pushed their creativity to new heights. Overall, Craft Roulette Episode 2 was a fun and inspiring episode that showcased the crafters' ability to think on their feet and create beautiful mini albums.