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Z-fold Card
Dull Green + 2

Craft Roulette Episode 20, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on July 24, 2020, featured an exciting challenge of creating a Z-fold card. The color parameter for this episode was dull green plus two additional colors. Participants were also required to incorporate leaves as the element parameter. To add an extra twist, tearing was the random parameter that added an element of surprise to the crafting process.

The episode showcased the creativity and improvisation of the participants as they worked within these parameters to create unique and stunning Z-fold cards. Despite the challenge of tearing, the crafters managed to incorporate torn elements seamlessly into their designs, resulting in beautiful and innovative projects. The use of dull green and additional colors, along with the incorporation of leaves, added a natural and refreshing touch to the cards. Overall, Craft Roulette Episode 20 was a delightful display of spontaneous crafting and the ability to create something beautiful with unexpected parameters.