Episode 20

July 24, 2020


Z-fold card


Dull green and 2 colors





About The Episode

Episode archive posted on July 27, 2020

It seems like with this much gray hair I should know just about everything in the world; and after 19 Craft Roulette episodes, I should have at least a working understanding of my process. Nope. Episode 20 brought a dose of humility and teaching.

The lesson was about inertia and warming up my creative muscle before expecting cute to be made.

In other words, I need to stay inky to stay creative. For whatever reason, I had not been at my MESK!* creating much all week, so when I got to the wheel’s deals, I was basically cold. Does this ever happen to you?

Do you get to a window of crafty time and go blank? What do you do then? Watch a video? Clean and organize? Feel frustrated? Do you walk away? It isn’t FUNN.
Do you ever watch a video or a FUNN U. lesson and get a little intimidated by how quickly a beautiful card is made? Yeah, don’t be. I can’t speak for others, but I know each Cards+ Lab  on FUNN University  represents hours and hours of thought, development, and making trash before the projects are seen. Don’t let this bum you out, though, because students and viewers get the benefit of someone else’s prep work (which I love doing).

Once I got groovin’ on the episode 19 parameters, I went overboard (scroll down to “Official Projects”), and had a darn good time fixing up some “problemed” cards and making new ones! As you look at these “Z-fold” cards, look at how the differences are made. You can see variety in the size of the sentiments, placement of the images, choice of color proportions, and more. If you like thinking about cards this way, you would love FUNN University. It is one thing we do on campus!

Thank you, guest contributors! It is so FUNN to see what your creative muscles come up with. I am looking forward to sharing these on the Craft Roulette’s FB group and showing them off on next Friday’s show! Let  your crafty friends know so they can see how outstanding you are!

SPECIAL GUEST coming to Craft Roulette!

Hi, I’m Jayma!

I am so happy to announce Craft Roulette will be featuring a very special guest during Episode #21! Jayma Malme! She is a very talented paper crafter with a clean and super darling style whose projects I have admired for years. She will come up with something super cute, I just know!

Find more about Jayma on her blog Playing with Paper, and on her excellent YouTube channel.

If you haven’t subscribed to mary gunn FUNN’s YouTube channel, please do that, too, while you are there.

Jayma is a brave soul to venture into a LIVE FB with me. Be sure to invite friends and join us Friday, July 31st at 6:30 p.m. Central time on my mary gunn FUNN FB page. One easy way is just “SHARE” the upcoming live post pinned at the top of my mary gunn FUNN FB page. Jayma has been super great to prep with for this adventure and I really look forward to creating with her!

But, there’s more next Friday!
AFTER Craft Roulette I’ll be hosting the FUNN University  July Student Showcase! Student Showcase is FUNN University’s way of showing off our students’ “homework” which they’ve been inspired to make as a result of that month’s classes. I love being able to do this! Our students are rockin’ their craft time!  To see last month’s Student Showcase, click HERE.
Our July classes featured:
Scrapbook Lab – Placement and Proportion
Cards+ Lab – Geometrics (circles, squares, and triangles)
Crop Lab – Drawing and Painting

If you have any questions about Craft Roulette or FUNN U., please let us know!

What a FUNN night of creative ideas we’ll have next Friday!

*MESK! is my hybrid word for messy-desk

Mary Gunn FUNN

Craft Roulette inspired card by mary gunn FUNN

Guest Contributors

Sweet 16! Submission leader!
Patty Beck
I love fun folds, wanted to use this stamped image for a while. The blue behind the sentiment brings out the blue spatters. Love brown and blue
Judy G
Double Z fold. I love this paper!.
Judy G card 2 a
This is Judy's 2nd card this week!
Judy G card 2 from top
Dull green plus Sangria and Brown and a floral stamp set.
Lauren Moore 1
Kirwee, New Zealand
Dull green plus Sangria and Brown and a floral stamp set.
Lauren Moore - card open
Kirwee, New Zealand
What a fun combination..getting that 2nd color in was interesting...always challenging.
Jacque Rippe
Sue Masoner
Sue Masoner - card open
Used the Made to Surprise by Sam Calcott 5x7 die set to crate 2 z-fold that glue together and crate a pop up card.
Anna Miller - card open
Alberta, Canada
When you open the z-fold the speech bubble pops up!
Anna Miller - card closed
Alberta, Canada
My little bird was hanging on, but had a lifeline. I used pink on front, tangerine on inside.
Linda Dooley
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