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Joy fold card
Buggy ride
Stick(s) & stone(s)
Trim(s) or trimming(s)

In episode 208 of Craft Roulette, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN and featuring special guest Sejr Andersen, the challenge was to create a joy fold card using the color theme "buggy ride" and incorporating sticks and stones as elements. Additionally, the random parameter of trim(s) or trimming(s) added an extra layer of creativity to the crafting process. The participants had to think on their feet and improvise their projects based on these unique and unexpected parameters, resulting in a variety of creative and innovative designs.

Throughout the episode, viewers witnessed the exciting and fast-paced crafting process as the participants tackled the challenge of creating joy fold cards with the specified parameters. From incorporating sticks and stones to choosing the buggy ride color theme and adding trims or trimming, each crafter brought their own unique style and interpretation to the challenge. The episode showcased the participants' creativity and ability to think outside the box, resulting in a diverse range of joy fold card designs that highlighted their skills and ingenuity in the world of crafting.