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Birthday Card
Pink & Black
Edge Distress

Craft Roulette Episode 22, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on August 7, 2020, featured the challenge of creating a birthday card. The color scheme for this episode was pink and black, adding a touch of elegance to the designs. The element parameter was "sunshine," inspiring crafters to incorporate sunny motifs into their projects. To add a distressed look, the random parameter for this episode was edge distressing, allowing crafters to experiment with different techniques to achieve a worn and vintage feel.

With these parameters in mind, crafters embraced the challenge and showcased their creativity by crafting unique and personalized birthday cards. The pink and black color combination added a stylish and sophisticated touch to the designs, while the element of sunshine brought a cheerful and vibrant element to the cards. The edge distressing technique added a vintage and textured look, giving the cards a unique and handmade feel. Overall, Craft Roulette Episode 22 was filled with inspiring and creative birthday card designs that showcased the versatility and talent of the crafters.