Episode #22

August 7, 2020


Birthday card


Pink and black




Edge distress

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Episode archive posted on August 10, 2020

Birthday cards, are they a thing of the past? Has FB become the new electronic birthday card?

According to this week’s Craft Roulette episode, the answer is NOPE! We love making birthday cards!

When I look at all these pink and black entries, I almost feel like I’m in the Barbie aisle of Toys R Us (ah, yes, the “olden” days). So many cute ideas were submitted. Some really clever ideas, too, check out Sue’s lollipop sunshine rays. How FUNN! The level of elaborateness really stands out, too, like Judy’s shaker birthday cake card!  Many of you had multiple submissions, too! Gail, Christy, and Judy! All of the cards bring ideas and cuteness.

I will be posing 3 Slim Line cards for Wednesday’s SHOUT and SHARE FB post. Be sure to stop in and give a SHOUT for your favorite. If you are diggin’ the Slim Line cards, this is a great month to be on FUNN U.’s online campus because we are making them all month on our Cards+ Lab.*

We have a Craft Roulette FB group? If you love the show, you might love being in the group, too. Please ask to join.

If you are a paper crafter with experience in FB lives and/or YouTube lives or recordings, please contact me for more information about being one of our upcoming guests “at the wheel”. We are currently working on our fall line up!

Live classes this week on campus
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THURSDAY – Cards+ Lab
We’d love to meet you on our campus. Your first month is always free, so join us! ENROLL HERE.

New levels of what my former scrapbook customers lovingly called “Mary Math” has been reached in this episode! I apparently can’t tell 1 from 7. Good heavens!

It helps the world be a cuter and more FUNN place when you share our shows, FB page, and posts with your crafty friends. We really appreciate your help getting the word out that Friday is for FUNN!

Next time I’m tempted to leave a HBD FB message, I’m going to think of this post and go a little farther than an average electronic birthday card, like you contributors did. Thank you!


*Cards+ Lab is our FUNN University card class. Learn more about it in a short video and write up here.

Mary Gunn FUNN

Guest Contributors

I took creative license with the sunshine...balloons are the rays and to me they are sunny! I used scissors to distress.
Sue Masoner
Lee Kendel
Alberta, Canada
Christy Dillman, 1
Christy Dillman, 2
Christy Dillman, 3
Black is my favorite go to color.
Gail Vought
First week to submit
Gail Vought, 2
Gail Vought, 3
It is hard to tell from the picture, but I distressed the edges of the base before construction.
Judy G
Ink blended 3 shades of pink.
Judy G., 2
Judy G., 4
Judy G., 3
Anna Miller
Alberta, Canada
Almost forgot the distressing..so the sun got it.
Jacque Rippe
Patty Beck
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