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Purse Card
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Car or Truck

About The Episode

The wheel deals out some very unusual combinations sometimes, which can be both inspirational and confusing at first glance. After a few moments or so, though, the creative juices start to flow and a project starts to come together.  Such was the case last Friday night when the wheel sent us a combination I would have never concocted on my own, I don't think. But, oh goodness, the creative ideas that it spawned are remarkable! Be sure to leave our brave and craft loving contributors some love!

You guys blew me away with such creative ideas and cute cards, and trucks! :o) Thank you so much for bringing the paper FUNN!

If you are new to Craft Roulette, be sure to watch the video where we explain just what CR is! It is pretty unique, and we just keep tweaking it. Or, watch our "introduction" HERE.

If you are new to paper crafts, I invite you to sit back, and relax; we have a lot of ideas that surface during a show. Also, click over to my YouTube channel, subscribe, and get notified. There are quite a few (and will soon be growing) "FUNNdamentals" videos on really basic paper crafting things. Things I wish I would have known when I started this journey decades ago. If you are a seasoned paper crafter, visit my YouTube channel, too, for some quick inspiration and project ideas called "Creative Espresso". Creative Espresso is also soon to be expanded.
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What's coming soon to Craft Roulette?

GUESTS! Wonderful talented guests!

Be sure to check in next Friday to hear about our next guest, share with some crafting friends who would like to shake up their craft video watching, and plan to play along! Craft Roulette is a safe place to play with your crafting supplies and ideas. You are creative. You will be fine.