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Winter Colors

Craft Roulette Episode 24, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on August 21, 2021, featured an exciting challenge based on four random parameters. The first parameter was a basket, inspiring the crafters to create projects using this versatile item. The second parameter was winter colors, adding a cool and frosty palette to the mix. The third parameter was a wreath, encouraging the crafters to incorporate this classic element into their designs. Lastly, the random parameter of tearing added an element of texture and uniqueness to the projects.

With these parameters in mind, the crafters embarked on their creative journey, improvising and showcasing their skills. The episode was filled with innovative ideas and stunning projects, as the crafters embraced the challenge and brought their visions to life. From woven basket decorations to torn paper wreaths in winter hues, the crafters demonstrated their ability to think outside the box and create beautiful crafts on the spot.