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Alpha Stamp Card
Bright Green + 2

Craft Roulette Episode 26, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on September 4, 2020, featured special guest Ellen "CardMonkey" Jarvis. The project parameter for this episode was an Alpha Stamp Card, where participants had to incorporate alphabet stamps into their card designs. The color parameter was Bright Green + 2, challenging crafters to use shades of green in their projects. The element parameter was a Bouquet, inspiring participants to include floral elements in their card designs. Lastly, the random parameter was Pennants, encouraging crafters to incorporate pennant shapes into their card creations.

During the episode, crafters spun the wheel to determine their parameters and then had to think on their feet to create unique and improvised card designs. The combination of alphabet stamps, shades of green, bouquets, and pennants led to a variety of creative and inspiring projects. Craft Roulette continues to be a fun and exciting show that showcases the creativity and talent of crafters in a live and unpredictable format.