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About The Episode

Ellen "Card Monkey" Jarvis joined us for a FUNN set of wheel deals in our Craft Roulette Episode #26! It was great getting to spend some time at our craft tables, roughly over 1,000 miles apart, to talk about paper crafting, and making some projects based on four spins of the Craft Roulette wheel.
You will want to follow her on social media, so click on the links next to her photo. You can also send her props here in the comments!

You never know what you will discover in these shows, either, because Craft Roulette is all improvisational crafting!

For instance, we learned about how Ellen uses her husband's underwear, how she got the moniker "Card Monkey", and we got to watch her create most of a project before tech problems prevailed toward the end of the show. Heck, Ellen even made her own "Spoon-a-phone" for the occasion! How FUNN! Scroll down to see her cute card in the submissions, and another wonderful pop-up card she made - wow. Thank you for joining us, Ellen , and we look forward to having you back!

According to the number of cute submissions, this week's wheel deals were great. You guys really rallied. Look at what  a creative crafting spree the FUNN parameters touched off! I'm so glad not to have to decide any winners, because I wouldn't be able to do it. Remember, these submissions will be featured next Friday, too, for the #27th episode of Craft Roulette. If you have a submission, be sure to share the time and date with your friends, along with this post, or FB link, so we can all enjoy your creativity!