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Tag Card
Yellow, Green, Blue
Floral cluster
Water Color

Craft Roulette Episode 27, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on September 11, 2020, featured special guest Leslie Benson. The project parameter for this episode was a Tag Card, where participants had to create a card in the shape of a tag. The color parameter was Yellow, Green, and Blue, giving crafters the challenge of incorporating these colors into their designs. The element parameter was a Floral Cluster, meaning that participants had to include a cluster of flowers in their tag card creations. Lastly, the random parameter for this episode was Water Color, encouraging crafters to use watercolor techniques in their projects.

Craft Roulette is a weekly YouTube show that showcases live, improvised crafting. Each episode, four random parameters are selected by spinning a wheel, and crafters have to create a project based on these parameters. It's a fun and creative way to challenge crafters and inspire them to think outside the box. Be sure to check out the episode to see the amazing tag card creations made by Mary Gunn FUNN, Leslie Benson, and other participants!