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About The Episode

I had such a delightful time with Leslie Benson last Friday evening on Craft Roulette. If you haven't seen this episode, I hope you will take time to do so. Leslie is one of those crafty types that gently encourages you into paper crafts. We had a "house full" of friendly crafters in our audience, too, which always is a blessing. Thank you, one and all, for cheering us on!

We learned some nice things about Leslie, like her opinion of her husband, how she got the name "Plaid Poodle",  and how I stalked her and why. In this episode, we also had quite a walk down Paper Craft Memory Lane with old tools we still have, but haven't used in years. It is so FUNN to share our similar paper crafting "heritage".

Seriously, though, both Leslie and I have an affection for paper crafts not only for the joy of crafting, but because of the people we've been able to meet. Thank you for joining us, Leslie, and thank you for being a part of that most treasured group, FUNN friends.

Leslie's three beautiful submissions are the first line of the Guest Projects - aren't they pretty?

We have never had so many submissions! I wondered if the "water coloring" parameter would be too much, but I was wrong! Now, enjoy the submissions (keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling) and plan to join us next Friday when I will have had a hair cut, and Jayma Malme will be joining me at the Wheel. Thank you for ALL of these pretty submissions! Give the crafters some love in the comments, they rocked it!

Have a great week.