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6" x 6" card
Yellow + 2 Colors
Crinkle Inkle

About The Episode

Friday night was a FUNN night with our Guest Crafter Jayma Malme! We got our four parameters and did our thing, even though one of the parameters wanted to stump us! It was the 6" x  6" square-card-project-first-spin parameter! But, try as it may, it did not stop us. Nor did that spin stop our contributors! You are going to love all the ideas packed into these cards. Instead, this parameter, which was a little out of our comfort zone, helped us explore some creative ideas perhaps we would have normally ignore, and I love that!

I really appreciate Jayma for sticking with it, too Thank you for all the ideas, chatters. We've gotten several comments about how she inspired our audience members by doing something unfamiliar to her. Here is an email I got from one contributor who does not like 6" x 6" cards, "... but I remember you and Jayma talking about how much these challenges push us. So I powered through lol " Thank you, Amy!

Improvisational card making in front of people we respect as fellow crafters, can be a bit daunting. But it is an exercise which also forces your hand to discover new ideas. Because of this, I want to thank Jayma, again, for bravely appearing with us at the wheel. She is a really talented, nice, smart, and "practical" (her own words) girl who truly loves paper crafting. How incredible it is to have her as a sharing member of our community. Be sure to click on her links and enjoy her tips. Thank you, Jayma.

Thank you to all of our contributors! Great pumpkins, Charlie Brown, you all rallied. Enjoy all the different cards below. I love all the ideas ranging from the elegant to the silly. Each one of these cards brought its own spice to our MESKS! These cards will be featured on Friday's Craft Roulette with commentary by me, so invite your friends to join us, and we'll rock Friday with FUNN together with a whole new set of parameters.

Thank you all, Jayma, the contributors, and my technical back-up. You are all making ladies happy and the world cuter. Have a great week. Kiss your brain