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About The Episode

After multiple weeks of shows with guests, I was solo tonight. As a result, I was remarkably relaxed, to the point of forgetting the live had started! Thus, I was caught scratching my nose at the beginning. Oh, well...but you know, Simon Cowell does it, too, except with more of a British politeness than I. However, I think the show got better when the craft started.

I think the pumpkin cards from Episode #28 will be a great reference for ideas this fall. Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater even showed up! There is always a link at the bottom of these blogs to the previous episode (FYI).

The submissions from Episode #29 were simply great. They ranged from complex to simply lovely, and all brought their own twist to the parameters. Look for lots of cup ideas, for instance! Thank you, all, for playing Craft Roulette with us this weekend. We love the feedback we are getting about the show, and your ideas and submissions are a big part of the FUNN!

Welcome to the Heart 2 Heart Fall FUNN Challenge blog today, too. I've been posting on this blog for a very long time. Be sure to visit the cute ideas there, including some of our wheel's guests! I think you will see a lot of fall ideas this week from our contributors.

During this show, you will see me
- hand draw a template for my shaped card,
- see how to make the appearance of a cup top,
- see masking in action,
- contouring with colored pencils,
- and how to use a pencil eraser for a stamp.
Quite a few ideas for a game show!

Again, thank you so much for watching and chatting during the live show, sharing this blog, subscribing to our social media, and sending in such tremendous and diverse ideas!