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Fancy Fold
Yellow & Red

About The Episode

This was such a FUNN evening! Thank you, Miss Carrie, for joining us and sharing not only your cute creations, but your sweet FUNNy self.

Episode #30's submissions look so autumnal in every regard. After all, it was just about a week ago, the butterflies were in my yard, and now the leaves are taking their turn.  Besides the fact that FUNN folds made my blood run cold for a moment, I am so glad it was a parameter because of all the ideas in the outstanding submissions! We have a great variety of ideas in the gallery below; don't forget to use these fab projects when you hit a speed bump in your creative process.

Be sure to click on all the links in this post to find and follow Miss Carrie's Creations!

Thank you, Miss Carrie! We look forward to having you come back and play again soon!

Thank you so much for watching and chatting during the live show, sharing this blog, subscribing to our social media, and sending in such tremendous and diverse ideas! See you Friday at 6:30 p.m. Central with our special Guest Crafter Erin Jacobson!