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Easel card
Forest Colors
Polaroid Frame

About The Episode

We had another new adventure at the wheel tonight on Craft Roulette! Our very talented and sweet Guest Crafter Erin Jacobson had some internet issues. So while her process was blurry, her project isn't! See the "Mystery Card" below in the submissions.

Love how brave Erin was when we got 2 parameters she was very unsure of, the Polaroid frame and easel card. She showed some great craft dedication!

Episode #31’s submissions are just terrific! A forest of great ideas and very pretty cards. I hear, too, that Craft Roulette is keeping some crafters up at night with ideas to create. Since Craft Roulette is all about stirring up our creativity, yahoo, but I do hope you can catch a nap on Saturdays. Each and every submission has a unique interpretation of the wheel's deals and I love them all. Thank you, contributors, for sharing your cards with us. You make this show so special.

During the show, you’ll discover:
- what is an easel card
- what is a Polaroid frame
- what do forest colors mean
- see how to make an easy forest scene
- "Crinkle Inkle" comes back
- if Erin liked the parameters or not
- what to do with ink boogers
- how to use scraps to make a thin mat
- a trick to know where to add adhesive to an easel focal point
- discussion on Slimline cards - and, yes, I made one. You can see it in my submissions.

I'm not sure if this is exactly what Erin said because of my cackling, but it is close,
"It's kind of FUNN having these parameters. You know it's helpful, you see direct action at the same time that you have to break out of your routine and try something new."
I love this thought because it is so true!

Thank you so much, Erin! It was so FUNN to craft with you. We hope to have you join us again for more crafting mysteries!

Thank you so much for watching and chatting during the live show, sharing this blog, subscribing to our social media, and sending in such tremendous and diverse ideas! See you Friday at 6:30 p.m. Central for another night of improvisational paper crafting!