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6" x 6" card
Bright colors
Sanding Block

About The Episode

Craft Roulette went international with our first Guest Crafter from Canada. Ardyth Percy-Robb was a wonderfully FUNN guest to craft with, and get to know better. While she learned about "Crinkle Inkle", I learned how to "Swink". It doesn't get much better than that for a paper crafter on a Friday night. Ardyth has an excellent YouTube channel (see her links), and you will love her teaching style and crafting know-how.

Isn't her project just lovely? Love how Ardyth added a second wing to her dove, made the colorful parameter the background and not the bird, and put an excellent spin on her creative process - all live without a plan!

Swinking got a work out, too, during the show and in our submissions.

Episode #32 submissions were so FUNN with the bright color parameter. The gallery looks like a Starburst plant and a aviary all at once! Once again, the contributors will not disappoint you with their creative interpretations of the the wheel's deals. You're going to feel better just looking at these bright and cheery cards - especially on a Monday morning (well, any day, really).  The Craft Roulette submission board is turning into a great go-to gallery for design and technique ideas - visit us often!

During the show, you'll discover...
- Design teams Ardyth is on
- What is Swinking & watch us swink live on Craft Roulette!
- Sanding ideas
- Ardyth's favorite black inks
- Ardyth's favorite square card size
- and what LIMES have to do with card making

Ardyth has a craft-changing concept video for CAS-ing (but not copying) a card. She uses the acronym of LIMES. It is brilliant!

Thank you, Ardyth, for joining us at the Craft Roulette wheel! We really enjoyed all your crafting insight and inspiration. You are one cool crafter.

Thank you, peanut gallery, so much for watching and chatting during the live show, sharing this blog, subscribing to our social media, supporting our talented Guest Crafters, and sending in such tremendous and diverse ideas! See you Friday at 6:30 p.m. Central for another night of improvisational paper crafting!