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Abstract Blob

About The Episode

Had a FUNN evening when Ellen "Card Monkey" Jarvis joined us with her glittery green "spoon-a-phone". It was FUNN to talk about trick-or-treat in the "olden days" with Ellen and the Peanut Gallery. Ellen made a FUNN "step card" for her congratulations project. Watch how show completely changes her card (or "punts" as she says) in her process. I like seeing that, because many end-product cards started as something completely else. It doesn't mean the original idea was "wrong", it is all right in the creative process.

Ideas change in the creative process. That's why it's called "creative process".

During this episode, you'll learn...
- how I define an "abstract blob" (hahaha - I blame myself for these parameters!)
- the technique that inspired three new names for an older technique ("Wrinkle Crinkle", "Trash Smash", or "Dumpster Dive Inking")
- the swink lives on
- how Evernote helps to catalog stamp sets
- how to not burn your fingers when you heat emboss

 Kudos to our contributors for your beautiful FUNN interpretations of "abstract blob" and the other parameters! Want more Craft Roulette FUNN? Join our Craft Roulette Facebook group. We spotlight some of these cards during the week. Also, if you are inspired to create a card after the submission board is closed, our FB group is a great place to post.  Thank you, and I look forward to sharing these on Friday’s show with Katy Taylor (Episode #35).

Thank you, peanut gallery, so much for watching and chatting during the live show, sharing this blog, subscribing to our social media, supporting our talented Guest Crafters, and sending in such tremendous and diverse ideas! See you Friday at 6:30 p.m. Central for another night of improvisational paper crafting!

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