Episode #35

November 6, 2020


Card with a heart






Sanding Block

About The Episode

Episode archive posted on November 9, 2020

Had such a FUNN evening celebrating the love of paper crafting with second time Guest Crafter Katy Taylor! We also got to celebrate a big milestone for Katy, too, because she got her 1,000th YouTube subscriber on show day. WOOOT!* Also, you will want to check out Katy’s videos from a collab she was involved in called the 31 Days of Christmas Cards in October. There you will see links to several of our other past Guest Crafters Jayma Malme, Erin Jacobsen, and Miss Carrie’s Creations.

Katy was our guest on Episode #25, you can see that episode HERE. During #25 we had some crazy parameters, and doggone, it happened again! I think we are all glad for neutrals, that are always welcome to be used in a CR challenge. But, isn’t that a lot of the FUNN – unusual combinations which stretch our creativity? Katy the Unflappable brought it to the MESK! (messy-desk), again! Really enjoyed our evening together, thank you, Katy!

During this Episode, you’ll learn…

  • what makes a primary color a primary color
  • how to combine somewhat odd parameters
  • white core paper vs. solid core paper and sanding blocks
  • what unexpected things can happen when you sand paper, and a quick clean-up tip
  • how many adhesives our audience has (so FUNNy)
  • breaking ruts

I have been enjoying the fascinating array of submissions this week! The wheel didn’t slow you down a bit! You grabbed the challenge and rocked the creativity! KYBs! Remember, the submissions are a great place to get ideas for cards when you may need a nudge. There are so many ideas, you can scroll, and create for days! Thank you all for joining us, I know the Craft Roulette FB Group is eagerly awaiting to see what you made. Thank you for being such an inspiring audience.

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In the group we highlight some of submissions during the week, give you updates on our Guest Crafters, and you can submit projects based on past Craft Roulette parameters after the submission board is closed. Join us and bring a friend.

Again, it is our crafting friends that make this so FUNN. We thank you for joining us in chat, by sharing our links, by supporting our Guest Crafters, by contributing your projects, and for encouraging each other. You make every spin special. Thank you. SEE YOU NEXT FRIDAY (with a new feature). Excited to welcome Jessica Taylor from Ink It Up With Jessica.


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Katy Taylor

Katy Taylor
Katy Taylor
Katy Taylor

Guest Contributors

Love you Pumpkin Pie! Blue Belle, Canary, orange and brown-gold markers, plus red hearts.
Patty Beck
The pumpkin is white glitter - a little difficult to see in a photo
Pam Kennedy
FUNN project - made me really think about the colours with a pumpkin thrown into the mix.
Alyson Mayo
Ontario, Canada
Going out of town, need to submit before I pick this apart and not show.
Lena Marie
Alessa Lemoine
gotta love that CTMH white core cardstock! Had that white pumpkin rambling 'round my stash and finally found a FUNN project for it! Thanks!
Ava Bellon
I used the sanding block to give texture to the ground and used the hearts and pumpkins to fill the wheelbarrow.
Hildenell Vilchez
Embossed red and then sanded. Sanded blue. Shimmer pen on hearts.
Sue Masoner
This was a head scratcher! Hope you can see the subtle sanding on the heart and the pumpkins on the yellow strip.
Jackie Muller
South Australia
Yellow heart embossing folder, sanded with sanding block, Pumpkins and hearts on front insert....primary colors!
Teresa Nickeson
New York
First try with these parameters. Sanded the. Blue cardstock flowers.
Judy G.
Gaylord, MI
Had problems with my die cutter, so left the bottom and sanded the heck out of it.
Judy G.
Gaylord, MI
Poor card got sanded to death. These cards prove I haven quite got that mojo back as yet.
Judy G.
Gaylord, MI
Mary Naber
I used my Cricut to print out a bkgrnd & alcohol markers to color in the R,Y, B and the edges of the matts. I sanded the heart at the last min!
TR's Place
Upstate NY
Hey there, Pumpkin! Had to rough up my papers used for blue layer & punched hearts for a distressed look.
Kimberly C.
Don't tell Patty..I used a little pink on the ears and nose. This one really pushed my thinking...
Jacque Rippe
Ft. Meyers, FL
Red has been sanded; pumpkin and heart in the text.
Ellen Jarvis
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Red has been sanded; pumpkin and heart in the text.
Ellen Jarvis
Philadelphia, PA
I added pumpkins through the sentiment on the bear hug card and as part of my seasons of love icons on the 2nd card.
Amy Ulen
Lacey, WA
I added pumpkins through the sentiment on the bear hug card and as part of my seasons of love icons on the 2nd card.
Amy Ulen
Lacey, WA
I added pumpkins through the sentiment on the bear hug card and as part of my seasons of love icons on the 2nd card.
Amy Ulen
Lacey, WA
It was a difficult challenge for me as I didn't have any pumpkin, so I made it with a circle die. I think it looks like one. Lol
Cris Pazmino
Quito, Ecuador
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