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Craft Paint

About The Episode

Episode #39 was a great night. The "Peanut Gallery" was filled with familiar and new friends. Julie Carriere made our night prettier and more FUNN by being our Guest Crafter. I loved how Julie went for it! I love how she pulled the papers together - so pretty, used the paint - so brave, and added the die cut leaves all in a gorgeous monochromatic scheme. Way to go, Julie! Don't believe me? Scroll down to see her three beautiful cards! Thank you so much for being a great sport, and so FUNN to spend an evening crafting with, Julie.

The parameters

LOTS of room for interpretation with this set of parameters! Most card makers are very comfortable with A2 size cards, so the wheel was nice there. Monochromatic (or "chromomatonic") brought in lots of variety - so FUNN.  Leaves are to images as neutrals are to color; leaves are good anytime. Then, just when the wheel world was going peaceful, the wheel turned on us, and gave us craft paint! But, it turned out the craft paint is not a deal breaker, but a stimulating creative element!


Ready for a gallery of outstanding cards? You are in for a lot of creative FUNN below! Look at all the colors the contributors chose, how the leaves are prominent or just barely there, and the many ways "craft paint" was interpreted. Some people didn't have craft paint, and that was ok. There are some great "paint" jobs with other supplies. Check it out! I think you'll enjoy this week's tremendous contributions, I know I have. Of course, you are encouraged to shout, "KISS YOUR BRAIN!" in the comments below to Julie and the contributors.

You are invited to join the Craft Roulette Facebook group. There you will see cards featured, our current virtual Christmas card share, and you can post cards using parameters after the submission boards have closed. To be approved all the questions must be answered and you must agree to the rules. Thank you!

During this episode, you’ll learn…

  • how a business names can open conversations
  • hybridizing ideas
  • what kind of crafter Julie is
  • what happens when a parameter muddies your ideas
  • how does Julie power through a creative block
  • what "Julie Math" is
  • that there is a thing as "craft smells"
  • a tool organization idea you can make!


Creativity is not always as spontaneous as it may seem. It doesn't always translate from your head to paper at first, either (ask me how I know). Creativity can come from parameters put together with product and years of experience. The variety of interpretations of the same four parameters is astounding, and we see it every week! This episode shows how a crafter who feels she isn't one who "wings it" has larger creative "wings" than she thought. Explore your creativity, and share with us. Everyone is so unique and creative. We're glad you're here.


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