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Orange +2
Present(s) or Package(s)
Something from my MESK!

Craft Roulette Episode 40, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on December 11, 2020, featured special guest Christine Bertram. The project parameter for this episode was Pick-a-Sketch, where the participants had to choose a sketch to base their crafting project on. The color parameter was Orange +2, meaning that the projects had to incorporate the color orange. The element parameter was Present(s) or Package(s), requiring the participants to include presents or packages in their creations. Lastly, the random parameter was Something from my MESK, allowing the participants to use any item from their crafting stash.

During the episode, the participants showcased their creativity by incorporating the given parameters into their crafting projects. With the Pick-a-Sketch parameter, each participant chose a sketch that inspired their design. The color parameter of Orange +2 added a vibrant touch to the projects, while the element parameter of Present(s) or Package(s) brought a festive and gift-like theme to the creations. Additionally, the random parameter of Something from my MESK allowed the participants to utilize various items from their crafting supplies, adding their personal touch to the projects.