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Tag Card
Metallic or Foil

About The Episode

Episode #41 was just a very delightful night at the Wheel. Craft Roulette is just such a FUNN way to spend crafting and chatting with fellow paper craft loving FUNN friends. I love hearing from you and what I hear is you are enjoying our evenings together, too. As a matter of fact, I just love what Alana Sedano said in the comments about our time together,

"It almost made me feel like I’m socializing for real in person."

I absolutely agree, Alana! We really appreciate having all of you in our Craft Roulette FUNN family.

ELLEN CARDMONKEY JARVIS came to the Guest Crafting rescue this week as we needed to help our scheduled Guest Crafter out. Thank you, so much, "Card". Third time was the charm for us, I think, because we had a great time crafting together. Isn't it just like a paper crafter to step up and help a friend? I really appreciate the camaraderie that is building around that crazy spinning wheel, and I'm so glad to have you among us. Thank you for making our evening special.


The Wheel sent us some great parameters for the show before Christmas. The submissions, as you will see below, sparkle and gleam with metallic or foil papers. It was nice to have a tree parameter, too, for one more week of Christmas trees! Primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) can all be combined for any color in the world, so, way to go, Wheel! How perfect for tag card to be the project, because what does every present need? A tag! Ellen wanted a pop-up card, but I think we all enjoyed what we got. Super FUNN parameters and you will love all the interpretations!


I anticipate how our viewers feel about the parameters, by how fast and how many submissions we get. This week we got submissions right away, so I think you liked what what the Wheel gave you!
The variety and quality of the cards is just remarkable. The gallery is FULL of inspiring ideas for us all! I just love all the shiny foil and metallic paper - so festive. The wide interpretation of "tag cards" is equally exciting. I love to watch your creativity! Thank you, contributors, for taking time the weekend before Christmas to create and share with us! Kiss your creative and beautiful brains!

You are invited to join the Craft Roulette Facebook group. We’ll feature many of these cute cards in the group this week, so you can encourage the contributor, share with your friends, and be inspired. Be sure to join us, but to be approved all the questions must be answered and you must agree to the rules. Thank you!

During this episode, you’ll learn….

  • about some really FUNN Christmas stories
  • what our viewers think about liver & onions
  • how many ways there are to "swink"
  • if I have snakes in my closet
  • a great tool for embossing multiple colors
  • how to save your fingers when heat embossing
  • how I cut a card for an open middle
  • and so much more - have FUNN!


Creativity comes from your experiences, thoughts, and ideas. The cards we get every week are  a beautiful personal expression of how you perceive the parameters. You amaze me. Thank you for being a part of our FUNN family of creativity!

We appreciate you all so much. Tis the season to rejoice in the Savior’s birth, the love He shared, and the love we enjoy. Thank you.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and we wish you a very Crafty Roulette New Year!