Episode #43

January 8, 2021


Card with circle(s)


Bright Pink & 2 other colors


Something Happy


Kraft or tan paper

About The Episode

Episode archive posted on January 11, 2021

Someone mentioned that our Guest Crafter Helen Schlette from CraftyMamaDiaries , could have been my sister. Well, I’d love that because she was a delightful crafter to hang out and get to know better. She is bubbly, humble, and sweet. Obviously, Chris, her hubby, found a great little woman when he found her. We enjoyed Chris’ cameo appearance, too! I may not have been equipped to handle this new twist to the show! HAHAHA! I’m just really glad to have met the Schlettes and you will be glad, too. Thank you!

To support Helen, please click on her social media links below and tell her you found her on #CraftRoulette!


We changed our card submission policy this week to one card per person, and just in the nick of time! LOOK AT ALL THESE FAB SUBMISSIONS!
If you are ever in a card making slump, be sure to visit this blog because the cards we are getting are just super duper. Thank you all for sending in your interpretations of what makes you happy! It was really FUNN to see what makes you smile, and something I noticed was, all those reasons are pretty attainable. Thank you one and all!
“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” Charles Spurgeon


“The wheel makes you go outside the box,” Helen said, and how right she is! There are so many beautiful and darling cards that have been inspired by the random guidance of the wheel. The abstract notion of “something happy” really hit some heart strings, too. While “bright pink” may have been a challenge for some, how smart of the wheel to pair a bright pink with something happy! Imagine if we’d gotten monochromatic or blues with something happy! I think the wheel was good, and your cards say it was, too.

During this episode, you’ll learn…

  • which makes Helen happy, a Louis Vuitton purse or Mama Elephant stamps
  • how a scrapbooker in the park helped make our night special
  • who is the Craft Roulette police?
  • about husbands and crafting
  • about foam tape
  • tips for mailing cards, especially birthday cards
  • about making cards for the troops
  • about the Spellbinder die cutter
  • how embossing was the gateway “drug” for yet another card maker

Just Our Soldiers’ Helpers

Many of our Craft Roulette FUNN fam make and donate cards for our troops. I love that about our community. Tonight we learned about another outlet for these donations which Chris (Helen’s husband) works with.  If interested, click on the link above for information.


Helen told me she does not consider herself creative, then she pointed out, “We are our number one critic.” She is right! The wheel is a perfect creative-block buster, try us! We have a Craft Roulette Facebook group you are welcome to join and share your cards on, too. Please answer all the questions to be approved, then when you post, include the episode number you found inspiring!
When you post on your social media, please use at least one of these hashtags, #CraftRoulette #CraftRouletteChallenge

The hobby of cardmaking is a hobby of kindness. Kiss your kind brain and heart. We appreciate you and you make us happy!

Mary Gunn FUNN


Helen Schlette

Helen Schlette

Guest Contributors

Nathan Brown
Gnomes always make me smile. Embossed tan paper with wood grain and added colour to emphasise.
Michelle J
Napier, New Zealand
My daughter’s birthday is in February. She has loved ladybugs since she was little & that makes me happy. It was fun to add all the circles.
Lynda Bendik
Happy- new beginnings and hearts
Linda Norman
Card with a circle, bright pinks and 2 colours, hugs are happy, Kraft paper used for base
Claire Rope
Napier, New Zealand
This card today is dedicated to my doggy and to Craft Roulette! Hope I have done enough to avoid the Craft Roulette police!
Jackie Muller
Whyalla, Australia
The wreath and sentiment are my circles, the flowers are bright pink, hummingbirds make me happy, and my card base is tan.
Vicki Tillit
North Carolina
Hot punk, 2 other colors, dogs make me happy and craft paper. THANK god for paper bags!
Lena Marie
Alessa Lemoine
Vicki Ruta
Essex, England
Not being a hugging person, a simple quick hug from my family is very treasured these days.
Patty Beck
Another Funn week of parameters. I think this will be a cute little gift with a coffee card or some gourmet coffee!
Mary Naber
So flowers and butterflies make me happy as does sending a card to just say “Hello”,
Sue Bruch
Christy Dillman
Stenciled background MFT Happy Hummingbirds stamp set Glossy Accents on Diecut letters Seqyins
Kathy Pisupati
Had Mouse & trampoline about 25 years! Mouse stamped on kraft cardstock. So happy to use favorite old stamps again!
Susan Murphy
Coffee.cups and pocka dots are circles. Hope my pink is bright enough.
Heather Huang
New York
Lisa Stanley
A BRIGHT PINK monkey with friends swinging in the vines make me HAPPY. Background is stamped cork with die cut CIRCLES. Faces - CRAFT.
Boel Ask
Happy card with bright pink circles of life. Green and light blue as the 2 extra colors and Last but not least... Kraft paper!
Hildenell Vilchez
Bright Pink + 2 (yellow & green) on a Kraft card with a circle with flowers & you (or the recipient) that make me happy
Kathy Ingersoll
Unity Stamp Co. Stamp set and "Gina Marie" dies makes me happy but it didn't fit into a circle so I added pencil eraser circles like Mary did.
Kathy Hering
Bity Penny
Melanie Foy
Cake makes me happy :) It’s for my niece who decorates cakes and her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.
Brenda Gentry
My grandchildren make me happiest; they love crafting with me. I made this mermaid when I was with them. Slimline Kraft card, matching envelope.
Ellen CardMonkey Jarvis
Poppies are for remembrance, they make me think of my grandma. She had a green thumb and her poppies were fab! I have never had luck with them
Judy G
Did not have bright pink paper so I used distress oxide ink and a stencil by Pinkfresh. Mama Elephant stamps make me happy.
Janet Covington
Katy Taylor
Making people feel good makes me happy, so lots of hearts and uplifting sentiments!
Amy Ulen
Snowflakes and Yellow makes me happy. Yellow swiped on the edges. Not sure I like the black sentiment. Might have to change that.
TRs Place
New York
Bright pink, yellow and green parrots in a kraft circle and just looking at them makes me happy
Christina Bromee
Landskrona, Sweden
Pink and green (both light and dark) + Kraft. Circle for wreath and shaker. Background spattered with shimmer brushes. LOVE this sentiment.
Alyson Mayo
Barrie, Ontario (Canada)
Connie Schoenhofer
My circles are the balls in the shaker, kraft paper is what I cut the bones from and what makes me happy is my dogs...but I have German Shepherd
Jacque Rippe
Sherri Bradley
Stacy Freier
Used backing off paper pad for my Kraft colour. Love both holographic paper and using clear nail polish instead of glossy accents.
Anna Miller
Alberta, Cananda
I used a polka dot pink paper. Something that makes me happy is to be in the nature, birds and cooking. Also life, love and having fun crafting.
Cris Pazmino
Quito, Ecuador
Flamingos make me HAPPY! I used Raspberry & Flamingo pinks, Clover in the stripe and Mint for the embossed background. DieCut circle & polkadots
Ava Bellon
I used the chubby foundation from FUNN UNIVERSITY. I found some old paper. What makes me happy...Pink and flowers! Especially daisies.
Sue Masoner
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