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Yellow, Green, Blue

About The Episode

Episode #45 brought some cold parameters with "snowman", but also brought us a warm hearted Guest Crafter from Ontario, Canada named Tracey McNeely. I enjoyed getting to know Tracey better, when the internet behaved, and found her to be a sweet woman who loves paper crafting! Her style is as a clean as the new fallen snow, and I know you will enjoy her online tutorials & projects on her social media platforms. Scroll down to find the links because she is great. Thank you for playing, Tracey, and for submitting these two cute cards!

The wheel's yellow, green, and blue parameter seemed like the curve ball, but it really opened up great looking cards! I had so much FUNN each of your submissions! You'll get all sorts of ideas for snowman cards in the future as you'll find snowmen who dance, pop-up, peek through a window, and even melting!

Have FUNN and we'll see you for Episode #46 later this week. THANKS, Tracey, and everyone!