Episode #45

January 22, 2021


Gatefold card


Yellow green blue





About The Episode

Episode archive posted on January 25, 2021

Episode #45 brought some cold parameters with “snowman”, but also brought us a warm hearted Guest Crafter from Ontario, Canada named Tracey McNeely. I enjoyed getting to know Tracey better, when the internet behaved, and found her to be a sweet woman who loves paper crafting! Her style is as a clean as the new fallen snow, and I know you will enjoy her online tutorials & projects on her social media platforms. Scroll down to find the links because she is great. Thank you for playing, Tracey, and for submitting these two cute cards!

The wheel’s yellow, green, and blue parameter seemed like the curve ball, but it really opened up great looking cards! I had so much FUNN each of your submissions! You’ll get all sorts of ideas for snowman cards in the future as you’ll find snowmen who dance, pop-up, peek through a window, and even melting!

Have FUNN and we’ll see you for Episode #46 later this week. THANKS, Tracey, and everyone!

Mary Gunn FUNN


Tracey McNeely

Tracey McNeely
Tracey McNeely
Tracey McNeely

Guest Contributors

A happy little snowman covered in shimmer with a yellow scarf and blue buttons.
Patty Beck
A gate gold card with an extra surprise. All colours used with lots of shimmer and glitter in the snow and on the snow penguin.
Vicki Ruta
United Kingdom
Green shimmer paper trees and ground, Love the color combo, so glad I hadn’t put away my snowman stamp!
Susan Smurf Murphy
I used shimmer paper and added a little “Stella” on the hat and scarf. Fun card to do. Thank you.
Carolee Crabb
Her first time to emboss with embossing shimmer powder.
All parameters met although you won't be able to tell that the snowman has been shimmered. Love creating with you.
Clair Rope
New Zealand
Is aqua blue of green? I cheated with teal and aqua to do blue and green, but got to break out Speckled Bird ink. Faceless & corrugated...
Heather Huang
New York
My snowman went ro Fantasy Island. That's the only place for hia dream vac without melting.
Lena Marie
Landscape gatefold. The stitched line is where the gate opens.
Kathy Pisupati
Surprise gatefold recently learned at a stamping retreat :). I cut a snowman from a Christmas card received.
Alessa Lemoine
Snowman die to create a shaped gatefold; snowman is completely visible from the outside of the card. Shimmery belly band with snowflake closure
Ardyth Percy-Robb
My Mr.Snowman in a gatefold with a window. Yellow, green, blue with a touch of shimmer here and there and it says Merry Christmas.
Christina Bromee
Lisa Stanley
Snowman gatefold card with Background stamped in yellow, green, and blue. Shimmery black paper hat and banner. Unconventional but made it work!
Hildenell Vilchez
Ava Bellon
I didnt have a snowman die, so made him from circles. Not sure that the camera picks up the glint in his sparkly blue eyes or the shimmer spritz
Jackie Muller
Whyalla, Australia
A snow(o)man pops up to tell that an icecream in each hand keeps your diet balanced.
Boel "Bolla" Ask
Vellinge, Sweden
Snowfriends with yellow and green accessories using blue ink and paper. Wink of stella and snowflake sequins for shimmer.
Jennifer Hunstad
Made me wanna a snowman stamp on my mesk! Not crazy about my snowman. Shimmer by sequins and paint. Background by oxides.
Janet Covington
Olaf is on a wobbler. sometimes snows with the sun out. It’s like glitter falling.
Brenda Gentry
Challenging! Glimmer on upside down snowman and brushed on embossed background. Also on the background behind the snowmen & flakes of sentiment.
Stacy Freier
I believe I covered the parameters. I used shimmer paper to stamp the snowman and sentiment on.
Rose Dubberstein
Yellow, blue, and green.Gatefold with snowman and shimmer(Wink of Stella).
Kathy Hering
Not exactly what I was going for but it was fun.
Theresa Wilkerson
Very old stamp from The Angel Company but one of my favorites. There is shimmer on the snow and snowmen although it’s a bit hard to see.
Mary Naber
I used white shimmer cardstock for the panel layers. Star dust stickles for sparkle. Copic colored.
Wendi J
I love gatefold cards, and shimmer. These colors aren’t bad .... BUT SNOWMAN???? OH well.
Ellen CardMonkey Jarvis
I used Perfect Pearls for the shimmer on background it’s abit hard to see in the photo
Traci Low
New Zealand
There is shimmer on those snow banks ❄️ ⛄️
Erin Jacobson
Lots of shimmer...too bad I can't get a pic to show how pretty.
Sue Masoner
Jacque Rippe
Anna Miller
Alberta, Cananda
Bonnie Szwalkiewicz
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