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6" x 6" card
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About The Episode

Miss Carrie from Miss Carrie's Creations joined us for her second time at the wheel. I had such a FUNN evening crafting, chatting, and laughing with Carrie and our friends in the peanut gallery. Who wouldn't have a FUNN time with a mother of a Sasquatch? A couple months ago, a Craft Roulette FUNN fam friend, Mary Naber, suggested we add a sketch to the parameters. We liked the idea so much, we added 3 sizes (A2, 5" x 7", 6"x 6"), and decided to give our Guest Crafter the responsibility of choosing which size. Carrie chose the 6" x 6" option, which is a FUNN option coming off a week of Slimline cards. The choice gave many of our contributors an opportunity for a new card size, too. Love that!

The wheel gave us an interesting combo of metallic or foil papers with pastels, too, but you'll see in the submissions that no harm was done to the cards! They are all just great!

Another new option we started giving our Guest Crafter is being able to veto one parameter before the spins. If the wheel lands on that parameter, we'll just spin again.  Carrie's veto power choice was somewhat controversial as she chose GNOMES! :o) This does not mean gnomes can't be used, but that they will not be chosen for everyone. FUNN stuff!

Thank you, Carrie, for all the FUNN you brought to the wheel tonight. I loved Carrie's thought about creativity, too, "Creativity reflects your personality." You all must have cute personalities!