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About The Episode

We went north of the U.S. border again to spend the evening with another fabulous Canadian crafter. Candice Richardson from Candoodle Creations is a "youngster" in the cardmaking industry who brings excitement and "joy sparks" to a craft my "seasoned" community has loved for years. I must say it was just a delight to learn about her journey to card making, how she seizes  it like a piece of chocolate at a crop, and shares it readily and gladly.

Don't you love Candice's ideas on creativity are? "Creativity can be anything...there's no evaluation to creativity. If you are having fun(n) in the process; that's what counts." Yep, you card makers, to paraphrase a tile my Mom had in her kitchen, "She who makes cards is twice blessed. Once in the making, and once in the sending." But, really, that is just the beginning.

I know you are going to enjoy getting to know Candice during this episode and on her social media platforms. Thank you, Candice, for joining us.

See you at the wheel!