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Card With Ribbon
Red, Yellow, Blue
Cup or Glass
Crinkle Inkle

About The Episode

You know something exceptionally cool about Craft Roulette?

The people. You, the guests, Our Guest Crafters are so cool, their cats are even cool. We had a good laugh with "Linden" the cat and Crafty Al. Crafty wasn't on our schedule, but due to the terrible weather results in Texas, our scheduled Guest Crafter Katy Taylor needed to back out until she had more reliable electricity and water! We have good news about Katy; she is scheduled for March 26th Episode!

We had a wonderful evening with the Crafty Al and the wheel. So many good moments in the show, I hope you will watch it and share it with your crafty friends. Please click on her social media sites below and follow, subscribe, and do whatever she asks because everyone loves Crafty Al! Be sure to enter her Share the Love Giveaway!

See you at the wheel on Friday.